Adedeji Panel

AdedejiPanel is designed to be a simple-to-read Technical Analysis tool and it was built to bring convergence of signals to your finger tips. Rather than being used as a standalone system it is best used to augment/supplement a trader’s existing trading system.

With AdedejiPanel, a trader receives significantly more information than can be seen while analyzing in the traditional method (which comes with tunnel vision). It is a Multiple Timeframe analytical tool. Results are displayed in colors and in an easy-to-understand manner.

Its basic functionalities include:

  • Real-time analyses of any trading pair/asset in any market on any exchange listed on TradingView;
  • Real-time screener/scanner.

How to use AdedejiPanel

AdedejiPanel has two primary sections on display:

  1. Analysis of the current trading pair/asset being viewed on Tradingview;
  2. Screener/scanner output.



This section comprises a display of

  • ticker info: real-time price of the asset being viewed;
  • Signal: swing trade signal based on the current timeframe (TF). This signal is an output of the convergence of some other Adedeji tools developed prior (click here to see the back-test results run on 15m, 1H and 4H timeframes on Bybit ethusdt from 01 Jan 2020 to 03 Sept 2020);
  • Bias: real-time bull-bear bias on the current TF;
  • Market trend;
  • Background: red (bearish), blue (bullish), grey. This is derived from another set of Adedeji Tools developed prior.

A convergence of all the above gives superior indication what manifestation is likely to be displayed by Price Action. e.g.

Go full-on bullish long when “Long signal” + “Bulls in immediate control” + “Trend Direction is up (very strong)” + “Bullrun” + “Blue background” = Highest Probability Positive Price Action.

Go full-on bearish/short when “Short signal” + “Bears in immediate control” + “Trend Direction is down (very strong)” + “Bear market ” + “Red background” = Highest Probability Negative Price Action.


The above two conditions are the best case scenarios of the Bull and bear market respectively. All other conditions fall in between these two extremes.


This section is the scanner/screener. It searches a preset list (default list is btcusdt, ethusdt, compusdt, linkusdt, bandusdt and trxusdt on Binance) of tickers for setups of high interest from the current time-frame being observed. It comprises:

  • list of bullish tickers;
  • list of bearish tickers.

In addition to the selection display it gives real-time info on ticker price as well as the potential for a dump or pump if one is to occur at that moment.

Kindly provide your Tradingview username (instead of your name) while subscribing. Your email is also required.

  • Tradingview username is required for granting you access
  • Your email address is required for contacting you if needed.


30/31 day cycle

  • Uninterrupted access;
  • Maximum of 2 requests for changes to Screener/Scanner list in the period;

3-month cycle

  • Uninterrupted access;
  • Maximum of 3 requests/month (total 9) for changes to Screener/Scanner list within the period;

6-month cycle

  • Uninterrupted access;
  • Maximum of 3 requests/month (total 18) for changes to Screener/Scanner list within the period;

12-month cycle

  • Uninterrupted access;
  • Maximum of 4 requests/month (total 48) for changes to Screener/Scanner list within the period;

Subscription requests will normally be completely executed/closed within a few hours. However depending on the level of incoming requests this estimated time of completion can extend up to a maximum of 24 hrs.

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